Nintendo’s Bringing Game Boy Games to Switch


    Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are said to be coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

    hate niteAnd Nintendo Live, And Eurogamer You all mentioned that Nintendo plans to bring some blast from its mobile gaming past to its latest and greatest console in the near future. (Eurogamer said “other older platforms are on the table as well,” but didn’t mention any.)

    Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo’s answer to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. It is required for online play, features some social features, and includes access to a select list of titles. The primary difference is that these games have been pulled from the old Nintendo catalog.

    Nintendo Switch Online now includes select games originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The service isn’t exhaustive, but Nintendo regularly adds new games to its console catalogs.

    Eurogamer noted that Nintendo included access to NES games alongside the Nintendo Switch Online in September 2018, and the release of SNES titles began in September 2019, so it would make sense for the company to expand the service in time to celebrate its third anniversary.


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