Nintendo Switch OLED, Valve Steam Deck and Panic Playdate

with launch PlayStation 5 And Xbox X/S Last year the absorption of mobile games due to COVID-19 boom, the video game market has seen its biggest boost in decades. But if 2020 is the year of the next generation of consoles from Sony And MicrosoftThis year will likely see the return of mobile gaming in a big way.

Handheld game consoles have stirred excitement before with the Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, and Game Boy. They had a huge installed base and consumers flocked to stores to buy games for handheld consoles. However, the rise of smartphones and the shift to mobile gaming has made portable gaming devices less attractive. But the launch of the Nintendo Switch four years ago helped revive the conversation about mobile devices. This year will see the launch of three new handheld game consoles.

While Nintendo will release a new version of the Switch with an OLED display later this year, Valve will introduce the Steam Deck, a portable device capable of playing console-quality PC games. Here are some of the most anticipated portable consoles due to arrive in 2021.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo will release a new Switch model this fall, and while it brings improvements, it’s not the legendary “Pro” version. It doesn’t display games in 4K, and it doesn’t feature an increased RAM or new CPU. But it does come with a 7-inch OLED display, an improved kickstand, better sound, a wired LAN port in the dock, and 64GB of internal storage. Some may see this as a “lazy” update but the truth is that Nintendo often releases new iterations of its consoles with minor changes. The idea behind adding the OLED module is to add additional features to improve the experience. The Switch is a global phenomenon, and its ability to become a portable and home console makes it different from other gaming consoles. The “Pro” model could have created more confusion in the minds of consumers who buy Nintendo consoles just to play first-party titles that don’t require HD graphics. The Switch OLED costs $350, and launches October 8.

valve vapor surface

Nintendo isn’t the only company releasing all-new hardware this year. Valve also wants to get a piece of the pie in the larger game market. Steam Deck is heavily inspired by the Nintendo Switch but caters to hard PC gamers. The cool feature, of course, is its ability to play AAA level PC games on the go. Steam Deck is more powerful than Switch, and includes powerful specs, more storage, and access to any PC game. But the point of Steam Deck and Switch is different and so is the demographics of the market. If the Switch is Nintendo’s walled garden with games designed primarily for the hybrid console, Steam Deck will play any PC game and bring your Steam library anywhere. The ballpark is right, and even if Valve copies the Switch’s design. Think of Steam Deck as a Nintendo Switch for PC games, though it remains to be seen if Valve is able to standardize console design in laptops. Steam Deck will begin shipping sometime in December of this year, but reservations are already sold out through mid-2022. The device starts at $400, and comes in different prices and configurations.

play date scare

A portable demo game console that is neither the Switch nor the Steam Deck but an ode to the classic Game Boy. Enter the playback date. Playdate is developed by Panic, publisher of Untitled Goose Game, and does not attempt to replace the games you play on smartphones or dedicated gaming consoles. Instead, it simplifies gameplay and brings back the magic of mobile games that existed in the early 1990s. The charming bright yellow has a black and white screen, d-pad, A + B buttons, and a crank on the side that acts as a flip-up rotary controller. One of the unique aspects of Playdate is the games that are developed exclusively for the miniature Game Boy-like device. Panic promises 24 games as part of Season One but only two games will be delivered to the device each week over Wi-Fi for three months. do not expect pubg Or Call of Duty coming to Playdate where the handheld console focuses squarely on simple and engaging games. Since Panic announced the Playdate in 2019, the device has caught the attention of the gaming industry. It’s a fun little console that’s suitable for short moments rather than working as a full-time gaming device. The system will cost $179, and is expected to ship before the end of the year. The company started taking pre-orders for the device last month.


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