Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order date, price, and retailers to order from


    For the last two years, Nintendo Switch has topped charts as the best-selling gaming platform. Nintendo is granting the console a fresh face with a new OLED model set to be made available later this year. It will come with swanky new features like a new dock, kickstand, colors, and ethernet compatibility. But how and when can you get your hands on this improved version?

    Here’s everything we know about purchasing the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

    When is the Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order date?

    Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED model are currently closed, but there’s no doubt that you’d want to nab one before they officially release. It’s crucial to confirm that you’ll get the console before it actually hits the market. It’s already tough to find the original Nintendo Switch. We can assume it’ll be equally difficult to find its upgraded version.

    The Nintendo Switch OLED model in white.Nintendo

    We don’t have a date yet for when pre-orders will be available, but we can make an estimate based on previous console availability. The original Nintendo Switch was announced in October 2016, but pre-orders did not open until January 2017. That’s two months prior to the actual launch in March 2017. Similarly, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X both opened pre-orders in September 2020, two months prior to the November launches.

    We can assume that it’s standard practice for pre-orders to be available two months prior to a console launch. If Nintendo follows this practice, expect to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED model in August 2021 before the October 8, 2021 launch.

    It could also be available sooner than that. In the UK, the store Smyth’s toys has already opened pre-orders for the console. It’s the only store currently allowing pre-orders, so this could be an error on there end.

    What are the Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order retailers?

    Although the Nintendo Switch OLED isn’t available yet, the pre-order pages are currently up on multiple sites — and we already know the price of $349.99. Bookmark those pages to be the first to know when the Nintendo Switch OLED becomes available. You can find them below:

    Other stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Target have yet to launch pages for the game.

    The clean white Nintendo Switch OLED model. Nintendo

    Will there still be a Nintendo Switch Pro?

    Nintendo Switch OLED was preceded by a lengthy rumor cycle focusing on an upgraded Nintendo Switch complete with a 4K display, upgraded processing power, and an overall improved experience. Many were holding out for that console. If you were waiting for that console, should you continue to sit on your hands for a stronger system?

    After the announcement of the OLED model, Inverse reached out to analysts on if they believed the Pro was still on the way. “I believe we will see a stronger upgrade than this one along the line before Nintendo releases an all-new console,” Serkan Toto of Kantan Games said.

    On the contrary, Omdia Senior Analyst of Marketing and Games, Matthew Bailey, claimed the opposite. “It’s more likely that the upgrades designed to increase performance and graphical fidelity will be part of Nintendo’s next-generation console,” Bailey said.

    For more analysis, read our full article on the topic.

    Nintendo Switch OLED will be available on October 8, 2021.

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