Microsoft launches a mini fridge with a design close to the Xbox Series X


    Microsoft had promised it, it did.

    On the occasion of E3 2021, the American giant announced that it was officially launching the marketing of a mini-fridge taking the shapes and design of the Xbox Series X, reports



    When the console came out, many internet users laughed at its appearance, noting that it strongly resembled a fridge.

    So many memes and jokes have been made about it that Xbox got caught up in the game. Microsoft had fun designing a life-size fridge in the shape of its console, then miniature versions of the accessory. ‘home appliance.

    Promise kept

    Xbox later opposed the Skittles candy brand in the election for the best branded account on Twitter.

    Microsoft then promised that if it won this title, it would produce an Xbox Series X mini-fridge. Having won the competition, the company had to keep its promise… and simply waited for the world video game fair to announce the news.

    The mini-fridge is not intended to go into the kitchen.

    As seen in the presentation video, its small size only allows it to accommodate a dozen cans.

    Perfect for gamers, who consume a lot of energy drinks to stay awake during their gaming sessions.

    The mini-fridge will be marketed in the fall.

    Microsoft did not give the selling price of the item.

    It is also unclear whether it will be marketed in several countries, including France, or simply in the United States.


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