Microsoft Flight Simulator unveils update # 7 (weather, stability, VR …) | Xbox one


    Microsoft Flight Simulator was recently available as a GOTY edition on Xbox Series X | S PC and mobile via Xbox Cloud Gaming. The title is as impressive as ever and continues to receive content on a regular basis. Today, Asobo unveils its new update.

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    Main changes in update # 7

    These are several issues that are resolved in this seventh update. There are mainly changes to the weather, planes, UI as well as adjustments to virtual reality support in the patch note.

    The meteorological rendering was notably improved and several graphic bugs at the aircraft level have been resolved. Regarding the world itself, we notice the correction of the color banding that appeared with update # 5.

    There are also various fixes made to l’extension Reno Air Races released last November. Multiplayer races are expected to run in better conditions thanks to performance optimizations and the pits are now correctly placed during RTC.

    You will find the complete details of the update directly on the website ofAsobo. It is available to everyone now.

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