League of Legends Wild Rift officially released in India on Play Store


    Riot and League of Legends finally released Wild Rift for gamers based in India, a long-awaited time since India is a massive home for mobile players.

    Wild Rift is an online arena game designed explicitly for Andriod and iOS users so they can live the League of Legends experience on the go.

    With Riot releasing the game in India, millions of players can now partake in Riot’s recent extension of their prized multiplayer game.

    India mobile gamers receive Wild Rift from Riot to play on the go

    Earlier this year, Wild Rift was announced to be released in India sometime in the Fall. Unfortunately for India gamers, Wild Rift saw some unexpected delays due to the Coronavirus pandemic and was pushed back further than most people had anticipated.

    Riot’s plan to expand its mobile gaming universe now adds in countless League of Legends fans to join the fun on the Rift.

    By late 2020, multiple regions across the globe were able to play Wild Rift, including North America, Europe, Russia, and others, leaving India out as one of the major mobile gaming hotspots to not receive the option to play.

    Luckily for Riot, Indian mobile gamers seem to be extremely active even before the game’s release.

    The fanbase may not be as strong as it was earlier this year when Wild Rift was due to be released in March, but numerous mobile gamers support Riot and are ready to play the game now.

    Plenty of streamers, events, tournaments, and other involvements from the community are already taking place.

    Fans have been patiently waiting to play Wild Rift in India, stating how excited they are for the game’s release prior to today.

    All of that excitement can now be poured into the game and surge Riot’s mobile gaming universe, possibly leading to other additions in the area if Wild Rift stays as successful as it has been.

    The wait is officially over and Wild Rift is available in India. For anyone who hasn’t heard the news yet, be sure to hop on and explore the Rift to its fullest extent.

    Edited by R. Elahi

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