Is Steam Deck More Powerful Than Nintendo Switch?

Valve announced its upcoming new Steam Deck portable gaming system today, and already people are comparing it to the Nintendo Switch. But how does the Steam Deck power compare to what the Nintendo Switch, which will likely be its main competitor, is capable of? To do that, we need to look at both.

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a smash hit for Nintendo, having sold 84.59 million units as of March of this year. However, it’s not as powerful as the Xbox One, Playstation 4, or their successors in the current console generation, and games ported to it often have to take a graphical downgrade, though the new OLED variant shows promise.

According to an IGN questionnaire of Valve, the Steam Deck will have four cores of AMD Zen 2 CPUs with eight threads, and eight CUs of RDNA 2 GPU. These are apparently the latest architecture, and it certainly sounds impressive for a handheld and makes Steam Deck power a pretty big concern.

Much like the Switch, the Steam Deck also has limited storage space, but can also use SD cards. However, they may not need it, as the storage space comes in three variants: 64 gigs, 256 gigs, and 512 gigs, which puts it pretty much immediately above the Switch’s 32 gigabyte default.

However, all of that power comes at a price. The Steam Deck will cost $399, $529, and $649 for each variant of memory storage. This is in contrast to the Switch, which remains at the $299 price it came with, making it the more economical variant. PC players that want to take their games on the road in a more convenient way, however, might see that as an acceptable sacrifice.

Much like the Switch, however, all the Steam Deck power in the handheld can’t save it from low resolution. The Steam Deck’s seven inch screen will run at 720p resolution, though the exact resolution is 1280 by 720. The Switch can also get into its dock to bump its resolution up to 1080p, though the Steam Deck will also have a dock on launch, sold separately.

The Steam Deck power will also be coming from SteamOS, though that doesn’t really indicate how games already available on PC will run on it. So, while the Steam Deck seems to be pretty powerful at the moment, and has a good number of advantages over the Switch, only time and user reviews will tell how well it goes down with gamers, especially since previous attempts by Valve to branch out into things like the Steam controller haven’t gone down well.

You can learn more about the Steam Deck by following this link to IGN’s questionnaire.

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