How to manage and expand your Xbox storage


    Running out of room is a very real problem now. It used to be tough once the digital age of gaming started to boom with the Xbox One, and now it’s exacerbated by the huge file sizes of Xbox Series X titles | Enhanced S and a growing catalog of Xbox Game Pass games. The primary drives on our consoles are filled with games we’ve started, we need to get started, we’ll never start, but the thought of deleting any of them is unsustainable. Well, your only other option is to buy an expandable storage system so you can continue with your fun way of collecting games, and fortunately, adding more storage to your console is a pretty simple affair.
    When it comes to taking care of storage space on Xbox Series X consoles | S and Xbox One, you have two options: organize the content you currently store, or purchase an external/expanded memory solution. We’ll cover both here to help you quickly take control of your drives and get back into gaming.

    Good Storage Practices

    When your hard drive gets full, it’s not always down to how many games you’ve downloaded. Other factors can also affect your remaining space, such as remaining DLC ​​from uninstalled games and gameplay clips. Here are some good habits to follow when taming the hard drive beast.

    DLC leftovers and add-ons

    When you uninstall a game from your hard drive, it gives you an option to “Uninstall all, which will remove the game and all installed downloadable content. Make sure you double-check that you don’t have any DLC installed on your drives for unused games because some items can be left over.

    Delete local save files

    Your game files are saved to the cloud and your internal drive, even for Xbox 360 titles you play through backwards compatibility. They are only saved locally for offline play, so if your Xbox is always online, there’s no reason to give up valuable drive space to store them. Make sure you cancel your local saves regularly by heading to SettingsAnd SystemAnd storage devicesand click Clear local saved games/Clear local Xbox 360 storage. To reiterate, all the save files are backed up to the cloud, so deleting the local versions won’t affect your games, as long as your console is always connected to the internet.

    Make sure your games are saved to one drive

    This may seem very obvious but it is very easy to end up with a game saved on multiple drives, especially when moving games between internal and external/expanded storage. When checking the contents of your storage, make sure that you are looking for duplicate game files.

    Move faster than install

    This is the goal mostly aimed at Xbox Series X console owners | S. Although you cannot play Xbox Series X games | S files except from the console’s internal or extended memory drives, you can still download them to an external drive for easy access later. If you buy a new game that you won’t play right away, but then decide to try a new one after a week, you’ll be able to play the title faster if you’ve already downloaded it and stored it on a cheaper/larger external drive. All you have to do is Transfer to your internal drive, which takes a fraction of the time to do compared to downloading it. Plus, you’ll still be able to play games on your console on the go without slowing down transfer speeds.

    Manage your storage

    The first thing you want to do is monitor the storage you have left on your drives. This way, you (hopefully) won’t get caught through an entire drive. To do this, head over to SettingsAnd System and locate storage devices. This will bring up the Storage Devices screen and show you a graphic for each drive connected to your system, showing how much space is left on each drive and the percentage used – if you still need to connect any external/extended drives to your console, there will be one graphic Just.

    This is the screen you need to take full control of the storage on your system. By selecting the drive you wish to manage, you will be able to do the following:


    • View Contents: Find out which games and applications are installed on the drive, and also uninstall unwanted content.
    • move or copy: This will allow you to move already installed items between your internal and external/extended drives.
    • Uninstall things: Use this to be moved to free up space The page where you will be able to bulk uninstall games, add-ons, and apps.
    • Install here by default: Choose the drives to which your installations will be downloaded automatically, provided you have an external drive/expander attached.


    • rename: Rename the drive to easily identify the drive you are looking for (particularly useful when using multiple external/expanded drives).
    • appearance: To use an external drive for game installations, you will need to format it as a media drive. Once the drive is formatted, it will only be able to use it to store games, apps, and personal media like photos and videos – you can reverse this by connecting the drive to a computer and reformatting it to NTFS. All content currently on the drive will be deleted in the process.
    • Set as capture location: Using an external drive as the default capture location requires that the drive remain in NTFS format. Drives formatted for Xbox game installations will not work.

    Please note Xbox Series X owners | S: Can’t play games optimized for Xbox Series X | S only from console internal memory (SSD) or Seagate Storage Expansion card for Xbox Series X | S – We’ll cover more on that below.

    xbox storage guide external hard drives and expansions

    Expanded external storage

    Additional storage space on your console can be achieved by adding either an external drive to your console (such as Seagate Game Drive for Xbox (4 TB)) or by buying new (not cheap) Seagate Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card | S.. Both solutions are very easy to connect to your console and we’ll go through everything you need to do here.

    external storage

    When it comes to adding an external hard drive (HDD) or solid state memory drive (SSD) to your console, there’s a huge range to choose from, along with varying degrees of pricing – depending on the drive size and drive type. Disks and of course, the brand. As a general rule, most drives will act as additional storage on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One as long as it can hold at least 128GB of games and has a USB 3.0/3.1 connection.

    Once you purchase the new drive, connect it to your Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One via an available USB port. You will be prompted to format this new drive, which will require you to follow the onscreen prompts – it will format the drive to only hold games, apps, screenshots and personal videos, and delete all files currently stored. If, for any reason, you are canceled from the formatting process, you can head to SettingsAnd SystemAnd storage, and select the drive to format on this screen.

    xbox storage guide external hard drives and expansions

    Expanded storage

    The only expandable storage solution currently available is the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X | S – Xbox One does not support extended memory solutions – and although buying a lot for money when compared to external memory drives, you definitely get worth the money. Unlike external drives, the Seagate Storage Expansion Card inserts into a dedicated port on the back of the Xbox Series X | S and uses exactly the same hardware as the SSD inside the console. This means that you can double the amount of storage available for Xbox Series X titles | S enhanced, since it acts as a second inboard motor.

    If you decide to purchase the expansion card yourself, connecting it to your console is as simple as removing it from the package and installing it into the port on the back of the console. head to file My game and apps To make sure that it is registered correctly and that your storage space has been enlarged by terabytes.

    One of the great things about the Seagate Storage Expansion Card is that it works just like old memory cards, so you can have several of them and just swap them out when you want to access the games on them, if you so choose. An expensive option for sure, but an elegant one!

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