Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’s Iki Island Expansion Story Details Revealed


    Ray Mancini July 21st, 2021 – 11:31 AM

    Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’s Iki Island Expansion Story Details Revealed

    After the initial reveal of Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut, fans were eager to hear about the new story expansion, Iki Island. Now, new story details and the official trailer for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’s Iki Island expansion have been revealed ahead of its August 20 release date on PS5 and PS4.

    In a blog post on the official PlayStation Blog, Suck Punch Senior Writer Patrick Downs gave us story details about the new Iki Island and what players can explore on Jin’s new story. Downs tells us that, “Jin’s journey begins when he discovers that a mysterious Mongol tribe has gained a foothold on Iki. They are led by a revered shaman called Ankhsar Khatun, known to her followers as “the Eagle.” As both a khatun and a shaman, she is not only a conqueror of nations, but a shepherd of souls. And the danger she presents to Jin and his people is unlike any they have faced.”

    Downs continues, saying, “The only way to counter this threat is for Jin to return to Iki Island. He’s been there once before. And in confronting a new and dangerous enemy, he will be forced to face old fears, and unearth deeply buried traumas. As you explore a new island and battle new threats, you’ll also delve into the dark past of clan Sakai…” The story presented here on Iki Island seems like a far departure from the lands we once explored on Tsushima.

    Downs tells us what to expect when we step foot on this new island as well. It’s a land overrun with lawless bandits, free from the samurai control. To combat the Mongol threat, Jin will have to recruit key characters on the island to aid him in his journey to restore peace on Iki Island. Jin will encounter pirates, smugglers, mad monks, and haunted caves along the way. There will also be new legends to hear with new techniques to learn, and new locations to visit such as animal sanctuaries, which were revealed on Twitter.

    Downs wraps up the blog post on a somewhat relatable note, saying, “With everything that has happened this past year, it’s no accident we also wanted to tell a story of healing… And we felt this would pose a unique and compelling challenge for Jin. We all suffer wounds, from the humblest farmer to the mightiest jito. Wounds from the past that we carry with us. And the thing about a wound is that you can’t fight it, or stealth your way around it. Ghost weapons and samurai techniques won’t help you. A wound can only be healed.”

    It seems like Sucker Punch knew exactly what direction to go in when they were developing this new story. With a new region, new abilities, and big upgrades across the board it seems like Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut with be worth the upgrade. And for those who haven’t experienced Jin’s story yet, August 20 will be the perfect time to begin.


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