Gamer Creates Mod to Use Ring Fit on Overwatch Where Squatting & Jogging Controls the Game


    Do people think you’re not getting enough exercise due to playing too much video games? Can’t workout due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic? That hasn’t deterred one gamer, as he has managed to mod the Ring Fit Nintendo Switch controller to make it work on Overwatch, with controls requiring you to actually walk and squat!

    Reddit user SuperLouis64 demos his latest workout routine where you actually need to walk in order to move in the game (can’t walk backwards though), and if you want to unleash your ultimate, you’ll need to do actual squats!

    I made a Ring Fit Adventure Mod for Overwatch! Control the game by Jogging and doing Squats from Overwatch

    Given how he looks after just an hour of playing, it seems his little experiment worked! He managed to sweat up a lot all the while playing a video game. Mind, I don’t see this catching on soon given the limitations players have in actually doing well in the game, as even walking to the objective seems to be tiring (he even mentions how there is so much walking in the game — more than people realize).

    In other Overwatch news, go check out some of the biggest changes coming to Overwatch 2, which includes shaking up team comps by having the game limited to 5v5 with only one tank per team!

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