Full list of all GTA 3 cheats for Android devices

GTA 3 was the first of many genre-defining games in the Grand Theft Auto series. The game kicked off the 3D universe and turned GTA into a household name that every gamer knows about.

It has been two decades since its release, and the game has been ported onto several platforms like PS4, Xbox One and even IOS and Android.

Porting the game to Android devices has made the game much more accessible to people as they don’t need a console or a PC to play the game anymore.

GTA 3 is an old game, so it can run well on any modern Android device, but it is recommended to play on a decent device with a good processor for good performance and smooth gameplay.

On Android, the game remains the same as the original, including the ability to use various cheat codes created by Rockstar Games to give players an edge or to mess around in the game’s open-world.

To enter a cheat code on Android devices, players need to hold the “menu” button until the keyboard comes up and allows the player to enter a cheat code. Players can also enter the classic PC cheat codes provided they have a keyboard for their Android device.

Full list of GTA 3 cheat codes for Android

Here are all the cheat codes for GTA 3:

tortoise – 100% Armor

gesundheit – 100% Health

cornerslikemad – Better vehicle handling

ilikedressingup – Change Outfit

skincancerforme – Clear Weather

timeflieswhenyou – Clock Moves Faster

ilikescotland – Cloudy Weather

nastylimbscheat – Crank Up Gore

bangbangbang – Destroy all cars

chittycittybb – Flying vehicle

peasoup – Foggy Weather

gunsgunsguns – Get All Weapons

morepoliceplease – Higher Wanted Level

itsallgoingmaaad – Insane Pedestrians

anicesetofwheels – Invisible Cars

nopoliceplease – Lower Wanted Level

ifiwerearichman – More Money (Keep using for more cash)

nobodylikesme – Pedestrians Attack

weaponsforall – Pedestrians Fight One Another

ilovescotland – Rainy Weather

giveusatank – Spawn Vehicles (Keep using for different vehicles)

boooooring – Speed up Gameplay

madweather – Super-speedy Game Clock

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