Frostpunk: Console Edition is getting three new expansions this year


    Frostpunk is one of the greatest strategy survival games around, and Frostpunk: Console Edition continues that trend with an excellent Xbox and PlayStation port. While Frostpunk: Console Edition is amazing (and one of the best strategy and simulation games on Xbox), it’s fallen behind the full PC version in recent years. Today, 11 Bit Studios has revealed the plan to bring the three DLC expansions for Frostpunk to Xbox and PlayStation in Fall 2021 with a ton of new content, ways to play, controller optimization, and so much more.

    The three expansions planned for release on Frostpunk: Console Edition include:

    • The Rift. A minor expansion that includes a unique endless map, bridges, and new ways to expand and improve your settlement
    • On the Edge. A major expansion with a new scenario, brand-new technologies, settlements, building structures, mechanics, and more, and new optimizations for controllers and gamepads
    • The Last Autumn. The biggest expansion set before The Frost with a ton of new content like new laws, technologies, ruling methods, events, conflicts, and much more

    To be clear, Frostpunk on PC has already received these three DLC expansions with The Rifts, The Last Autumn, and On the Edge all releasing over the course of a few months, filled with reasons for players to keep revisiting this frozen world.

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    Now, it’s been confirmed that all three of these expansions are being ported over to Frostpunk: Console Edition later this year (Q3 or Fall 2021), and will be available either by themselves, through the Frostpunk: Console Edition Season Pass, or included in a Frostpunk: Complete Console Edition.

    Frostpunk: Console Edition is already available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. It’s also available through Xbox Game Pass, making it easy to play the excellent base game on Xbox consoles and PC. If Frostpunk: Console Edition’s upcoming DLC expansions deliver, the game could be elevated to our list of the best Xbox games.

    Frozen survival


    Frostpunk: Console Edition

    Gearing up with new expansions.

    Frostpunk: Console Edition is already a fantastic survival strategy game for consoles, but it’s about to become even better with the addition of the three new expansions coming over from PC. The Rifts, On the Edge, and The Last Autumn are heading to Frostpunk: Console Edition in Fall 2021.

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