Free Fire OB29 update size for Android & iOS smartphones: How many MB is the new update?


    The Free Fire OB29 update will be released today, i.e., August 4th. The servers will be taken down for maintenance shortly, and players will still have the opportunity to enjoy a match or two before the maintenance starts.

    Before the OB29 update rolls out, the game cannot be enjoyed by players for around 8 hours. The server will be taken down at 9:30 AM IST (GMT +5:30) on August 4th. Maintenance will close at 5:45 PM IST (GMT +5:30) on August 4th, 2021.

    Free Fire OB29 update size for Android and iOS devices

    Gamers can expect the update’s size to be around 400 MB to 500 MB for Android devices and 700 MB to 800 MB for iOS devices. Once the Free Fire OB29 update rolls out, they can head to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to get it updated.

    How to update Free Fire to its latest version?

    Once the Free Fire OB29 update rolls out, players can follow these steps to update to the latest version:


    • Mobile gamers can click here to head to the Google Play Store.
    • They will have to click the green Update button.


    • Users need to go to the Apple App Store.
    • They should click on the Profile icon.
    • Players will be able to see the apps and their pending updates. They can then click on the Update button next to Free Fire.


    As per the leaks online, these are a few of the upcoming features in the Free Fire OB29 update:

    • Clash Squad improvements
    • 1v1 game mode (New map – Iron Cage)
    • Grenade range in training grounds
    • Character nerfs/buffs – Jota, Luqueta, and Alvaro
    • New characters
    • Weapon adjustments – M1887, XM8, and UZI
    • New weapon attachments in Battle Royale mode
    • New weapon – AC80

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