Fortnite for iOS, Android enters closed beta test with touchscreen support on Nvidia GeForce


    With the popular battle royale game entering closed beta testing with Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, Fortnite is one step closer to unofficially returning on iOS. The game streaming service is testing the ability to stream a touchscreen-enabled version of Fortnite through Apple’s Safari browser on both iPhone and iPad. The service will allow gamers on Apple smartphones and tablets to access titles for the first time since they were removed from the App Store in 2020. Nvidia and Epic Games haven’t yet revealed when gamers will be able to stream Fortnite on their iOS devices.

    Nvidia announced Thursday that it will work with Epic Games to bring Fortnite to GeForce Now, a streaming service that can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android devices. iPhone and iPad users don’t have access to the GeForce Now app, so they need to stream the game in Safari instead. The service’s website states that the game is a “limited-time beta” of iOS on Safari and Android smartphones, and users can register to play Fortnite’s touchscreen-optimized version.

    Gamers can already stream Fortnite on GeForce Now desktop and mobile, but this service requires a gamepad or a mouse / keyboard combination. A new touch control version of the closed beta test allows gamers to try Fortnite on smartphones with touch controls. As mentioned earlier, iOS gamers will be able to play Fortnite for the first time since August 2020, when Apple launched Fortnite from the App Store. According to Nvidia, gamers will need to sign up for a GeForce Now account, and both free and preferred accounts will have an “equal chance” to play the closed beta.

    Epic Games has only partnered with Nvidia to bring Fortnite to mobile devices, and publishers plan to bring games to Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service, which charges a 30% fee for in-app purchases such as Apple and Google. Has not been announced yet. Streaming games don’t offer the same performance as native games, but unlike Android users, iOS users currently don’t have the option to download official games. Nvidia has not yet disclosed when it will be in closed beta or when the service will be available to all mobile gamers.

    Stay tuned for the latest information on the Consumer Electronics Show in Gadgets 360 on the CES 2022 hub. Fortnite for iOS, Android enters closed beta test with touchscreen support on Nvidia GeForce

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