Firmware 9.00 Is Available for Sony PlayStation 4 Systems – Update Now

Sony has announced the availability of its 9.00 system software update developed for PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, which allows owners to access their PS4 system via mobile data using the PS Remote Play app and an Android or iOS/iPadOS device.

Besides this, the current release also displays trophies for PS5 games on PS4 consoles, can send notifications on the PS4 or through email (for new products and special offers), makes improvements to parental controls, and includes other changes as highlighted in the Release Notes below.

When it comes to installation, save the downloadable .PUP file, format a memory card using your console, create a “PS4/UPDATE” path and then transfer the “PS4UPDAT.PUP” file into the newly created folder.

Now, connect the prepared card into your PlayStation 4 system, go to Settings → System Update → Update via Storage Media, wait for firmware 9.00 to be found, and allow the console to initiate the upgrade process once it has located the update file.

However, you still have to permit the PS4 to allow it to apply Sony’s new firmware. Also, stick close to your device while it’s upgrading, as it might require additional steps to be followed.

When it comes to recommendations, it would be a good idea not to turn off Sony’s PlayStation 4 unit or remove its memory stick while installation is in progress. Doing so will not only interrupt the upgrade, but it might also severely damage the console.

That said, download Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware 9.00, apply it on your gaming system, and enjoy your newly improved console. Also, regularly check our website to stay “updated one minute ago.”

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