Fire Tonight Kindles to August Release Date


    Baby, Light My Fire

    Fire Tonight | Featured

    This is pretty exciting news, at least if you’ve been paying attention. Fire Tonight, a charming looking indie puzzle game about love amidst a conflagration, has announced a release date. It’s coming to PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on August 12th of 2021. Developed by Reptoid Games and published by Way Down Deep, it has you fight for your love.

    If you aren’t familiar with Fire Tonight, please check out the following details. And stay tuned at the end for the release date trailer!

    Fire Tonight | Maya

    Young hearts are set alight in Maya and Devin, a young couple who found love in the big city. Their lives together make this place feel more like a home as they reflect on memories of their relationship. Love burns hot, but there’s a raging fire sweeping across town burning even hotter. Help Maya escape the flames, cross town, and find her way back to Devin in this trying time.

    Fire Tonight | Evasion

    Guide Maya through alleys and over rooftops while evading the inferno and police roadblocks. Solve light environmental puzzles to clear obstacles from Maya’s path and stay out of the cops’ line of sight to remain safe and under the radar until she can reach Devin’s warm embrace.

    The events of Fire Tonight take place in 1990, a time before cell phones that leaves Devin stuck in his apartment only able to worry for Maya’s wellbeing. Help him pass the time and calm his nerves by reflecting on the couple’s history. Relax for a moment, listening to Maya’s mixtapes and perusing mementos from their relationship to discover more about their time together.

    Fire Tonight | Devin

    Fire Tonight launches for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Mac via Steam for $5.99 on Aug. 12. An introductory 20% launch discount will be available on both platforms during launch week. The original soundtrack will also be available for $6.99 with a special game bundle discount.

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