FIFA 22: Twitter goes berserk over the announcement of the sequel to the 27-year-old EA Sports Franchise 

EA released the first trailer for FIFA 22, which sent the entire community into a state of frenzy. After a nail-biting regular and European season, players look forward to hearing news around their favorite clubs and players, including the 27-year-old EA Sports franchise.

Like every year, FIFA will bring in heaps of changes, ranging from enhancements in gameplay mechanics to an array of innovative interactions.

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The title will officially roll out on October 1st and EA has already revealed that there will be an option to “Create a Club”, coupled with a revamped Player Career experience that will expose players to newer ways of achieving success and track the player’s progress.

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As expected, EA Sports has lined up a range of juicy features that will separate FIFA 22 from its predecessors. While some features follow a similar premise from previous iterations, the hardware of new gen consoles like PS5 has allowed the introduction of Hypermotion technology.

The new game engine will feature a super-precise recording of the player movements and parallel extrapolation of a huge amount of animations through the AI analysis of hundreds of game clips.

The new engine, coupled with machine learning algorithms, will allow players to unlock the raw emotion, passion and physicality of a game we love so much, implying that FIFA 22’s gaming experience will be unexampled.

However, Hypermotion technology will only work on the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia.

The good news, on the flip side, is that FIFA 22 will also be available for those who haven’t upgraded to new gen consoles, implying that PS4 and Xbox One players will get equal access to the new title.

Twitterazzi goes beserk over the announcement of FIFA 22

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