Fasten your seatbelts – Shakes on a Plane serves up chaos on Xbox and PlayStation

shakes on a plane xbox

The Overcoooked! series has much to answer for. Since launch of the crazy cooperative cooking affair loaded up gamers back in 2016, there have been numerous attempts to harness the same kind of experience, with developers and publishers clamouring to bring the chaos to gamers across the globe. It’s that which was the inspiration behind Shakes on a Plane – a chaotic co-op shaking game – when it released on Nintendo Switch and PC previously. Now though Assemble Entertainment have brought that madness to Xbox and PlayStation too. 

Available to purchase and download right this very minute on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 – as well as through Steam and Switch – Shakes on a Plane will have you joining a flight crew who are trying to keep their customers happy whilst travelling the world. And happiness in Shakes on a Plane is found in the food that is served up to them, with you left to throw out burgers, fries and, of course, shakes, throughout the flight. 

Taking that tried and tested Overcooked! method and moving it to the skies looks to have worked for Shakes on a Plane and whilst there have been some mixed reviews kicking around on Steam, the release on Xbox and PlayStation will now allow a whole new group of players the opportunity to discover the madness and fun. 

Shakes on a Plane (you will not believe how many times we’ve accidentally typed Snakes!) will set you back £16.74 from the Xbox Store and if you’ve honed your skills in games of similar ilk, should find much to enjoy here. 

As you’d expect to hear, time is a critical part of how Shakes on a Plane plays out and the more meals you can distribute in the limits set, the more rewards will come your way. The problem is, it’s not just a case of wandering on out with a meal and dropping it onto a table – passengers, moving tables and more will all bring a bit of complication to your life. 

Local cooperative play for up to 4 players is a gimme here, but Shakes on a Plane could well find itself capable of delivering a pretty decent solo campaign too. 

The key features of Shakes on a Plane as it releases on Xbox and PlayStation include:

  • Serve your passengers with up to four players and cooperate in convincing them that flying with you is always a good decision.
  • The orders vary from shakes, burgers, coffee and even a greater variety of fast food which underlines only the best quality you offer for your passengers.
  • Time is essential and your guests have a high demand of multiple goods all the flight long. Grab tablets to solve various orders at the same time and don’t let them wait too long.
  • Not only turmoils might occur during your flights, walking passengers, moving tables and many more things will complicate your accomplishments on your planes.

We’ll be sure to get some hands-on with Shakes on a Plane in the days ahead, dropping a full review of how it plays out on Xbox One and/or Xbox Series X|S as part of our review process. 

In the meantime, you’ll find Shakes on a Plane available on the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop and Steam. 

Game Description:

Shakes on a Plane is a chaotic co-op shaking game for one to four players. Flying on various planes with your flight crew, serve up a variety of tasty shakes, burgers, fries and many more dishes before the plane lands on the airport and your passengers rate your services. But it is not only you who creates all the mess. Aliens always had a look on our shiny planet with its weird citizens but undeniable and delicious food they are creating and cooking. The intergalactic community competes in fame rewarding cooking competitions and the species with the most sophisticated meal wins. This is when humanity can play its part in this extraordinary event and show the galaxy what real fast food can taste and look like.

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