E3 2021: The Complete Schedule Guide For All Press Conferences & Shows

This week will finally see E3 2021 descend upon us. The limitations of reality have forced the annual convention of all things gaming to move into the digital space, but that will hardly dampen the excitement fans would have going into the second half of the year. With plenty of press conferences and showcases to catch, the E3 2021 schedule is jam-packed. Thankfully, the majority of the shows will be on most social media platforms.

The likes of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and other big publishers will definitely make an appearance. With both the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles out in the wild, there are going to be some showstoppers making their debut one way or another.

The biggest question on our minds – “Will the much rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro make an appearance?”

E3 2021 - Physical shows are a thing of the past for now

To get a handle on things, you are going to need some help. Here’s a handy schedule guide to all things happening this week for E3 2021.

E3 Schedule 2021 – Dates & Times

Date Scheduled Stream Time (GMT+8) How to Watch
9 June Battlefield 6 Reveal Event 10 PM LINK
11 June Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live! 2 AM LINK
12 June Netflix Geeked Week 12 AM LINK
12 June Koch Primetime 3 AM LINK
12 June IGN Expo 4 AM LINK
12 June Guerrilla Collective Showcase & Wholesome Direct 11 PM LINK
13 June Ubisoft Forward 3 AM LINK
14 June Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase 1 AM LINK
14 June Square Enix E3 Conference 3:15 AM LINK
14 June PC Gaming Show TBA LINK
15 June Razer E3 Keynote 6 AM LINK
16 June Nintendo Treehouse Live 12 AM LINK
17 June Steam Next Fest 1 AM LINK
23 July EA Play Live TBA LINK

There you have it, the full E3 2021 schedule in all its glory. Should there be any changes or updates, we will tweak it accordingly to reflect that. Be sure to plan out how you are going to watch all the shows and absorb all that gaming goodness to start the second half of the year on the right foot!

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