Dark Deity – Nintendo Switch release confirmed at Gamescom


    Dark Deity, the turn-based tactical RPG inspired by the classics of the genre, by developer Sword and Axe and publisher Freedom Games, released a new trailer during Gamescom confirming the long-awaited release for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

    Check out the Dark Deity Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer here
    Control 30 memorable characters by talent like Kira Buckland (Nier Automata, Persona 5 Strikers, Demon Slayer). Use their skills in combat and experiment with 50 unlockable classes.

    Experience a variety of paths through the story with three levels of difficulty, a built-in random number generator and a system that reinterprets the mechanics of permanent death: Grave Wounds.

    Rather than permanently removing units from the group, the Grave Wounds system gives units permanent penalties when their health reaches zero to simulate physical injuries or mental scars. The units must adapt to their wounds and discover new tactics in order to achieve victory.

    Stay tuned for more information on additional content coming to the Nintendo Switch version next year.

    For more information on Dark Deity, please visit the official website and follow the game up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and search on social media #DarkDeity.

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