CoD gamers ignite Vanguard graphics: ‘It looks like a Nintendo DS’

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The Call of Duty community had mixed reactions to Vanguard’s Alpha, with top roasting for the game’s console graphics. Similar to the Nintendo DS, among the most diverse languages, the community… is less than cheerful.

Call of Duty and PlayStation have a deal in place, which means PS players can access more stuff and pasts than their PC and Xbox counterparts. It is with 2021 Vanguard AlphaIt is exclusive to PS4 and PS5.

Unfortunately, while Alphas are usually expected to look less polished than their final product, the return to PlayStation graphics has left streamers and fans hot.

One clip in particular infuriated gamers, with people reacting and claiming that the graphics look like they’re from the Nintendo DS or the year 2000. Above all else, many of them seem uninspired by their first appearance.

As you can see in the clip, the graphics aren’t particularly impressive. This can be attributed to its being an alpha as well as the risks of Twitter pressure, but also to PlayStation exclusivity.

This last point has been explicitly questioned by popular CoD creators like JGOD, who called it “crazy” for a first look at CoD 2021 to be a look at limited console visuals.

Concerned about the impression people get from playing, JGOD promotes that the game He is Actually a graphical improvement over its predecessors: “It looks graphically better than MW2019 and Warzone, but you’ll never know what’s being published.”

Bemoaning the inability to play and share the game at 1440p or 120 FOV, JGOD was sure to comfort people in responses that this game looks “better than CoD ever in terms of graphics”.

While many players aren’t bothered by the presentation of Alpha, seeing it for what it is – a test of bugs and gameplay, the rowdy group is still unhappy. The overall theme seems to be this: a game on PS4 of 2013 shouldn’t look like it did on the Nintendo DS of 2004.

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