Can you use a controller in New World?

Is there New World controller support for the eagerly-anticipated MMO on PC and Steam? The first New World closed beta just launched to a lot of attention from gamers, but a few are querying the mouse and keyboard controls. Is it possible there is New World gamepad support such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, or PS5 DualSense controllers? If not, when will New World pad support come to the beta — or will players have to wait for the full release?

Is there New World controller support with the PC beta?

New World controller

Unfortunately, there is currently no controller support for New World on PC during the closed beta, although it is possible to use gamepads with the help of third-party software such as ReWASD — which remaps keyboard and even mouse controls to a gamepad. It’s not perfect and will likely require a lot of adjustment, but if someone is desperate to play New World with a controller rather than default mouse and keyboard controls then this is the best option available.

When will there be New World gamepad support?

The New World developer has confirmed that the team is working to have full controller support for the game’s official launch next month, on August 31. It is possible that gamepad support will be added in to the closed beta before then, as Amazon Games are constantly updating the title with new features — although as the beta only runs for a couple of weeks, until August 2, it seems highly unlikely that the team will do this in the short time the closed beta is available.

If there is an open beta in August that may get controller support, although conversely, the team has been talking about gamepads in New World for a while now and support has not been added yet. Hopefully, at the very least, gamepad support will be included in the proper release at launch.

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