Cake-Based RPG BattleCakes Coming to Xbox One, PC, Mac


    Developer Volcano Bean has released a new trailer for its turn-based RPG BattleCakes. The game is an RPG focusing on the sweeter side of life, starring a group of cupcakes who want to join the ranks of the legendary BattleCakes. Players will be able to customize their cupcake by selecting coloring and frosting style, and set about exploring the pastel-colored kingdom of Pasteleria. Along the way, they’ll face off against similarly food-inspired foes, like Butterscreams and Gumdroplins, all of whom they can either battle or befriend, including bosses.

    BattleCakes is in development for PC, Mac, and Xbox One, to release later this year. Those looking for further information can check out the game’s site. A demo is also available to play on

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