Breath Of The Wild 2 Does Have A Subtitle, However


    Yesterday, the Nintendo Direct for E3 2021 came about, and the show very naturally ended with another glimpse of Breath Of The Wild 2 (trailer below). The keyword though is “glimpse” as the trailer was under 90 seconds and still didn’t give an overall true glimpse at what to expect from the game.

    Adding to that, we still don’t know the actual name of the game. Regarding why Nintendo hasn’t shared the official name yet, Nintendo Treehouse’s Bill Trinen told IGN:

    “As for why we’re holding back on the name, you’ll just have to stay tuned because, obviously, Zelda names are kind of important. Those subtitles… they start to give little bits of hints about maybe what’s going to happen.”

    So thus we’ll have to wait for a while to see what Breath Of The Wild 2 truly is going to be named.


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