Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain Arrives In Time For The Holidays


    Nintendo likes to serve up some surprises, and today it’s revealed a Holiday-season release that makes a lot of sense while also coming out of nowhere. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain will bring back a series that enjoyed multiple entries and success in the DS era – it arrives on 3rd December on the eShop and at retail, and has a USD price of $29.99.

    The trailer above does a decent job of showcasing the focus of this one. It’s still designed to suit solo and daily play, so that you can get some good brain exercise on the go, but also supports a variety of local and online multiplayer options. There’s fun use of the touchscreen for multiplayer, or of course you can still sit on the couch with three others.

    A particularly neat touch is the addition of an online mode in which you can take on ghost data from other players around the world. A lot of what you do in the game will also earn you coins that are spent on costumes, so if you really want to dress up as a kitten you’ll need to work the brain a little.

    Let us know what you think – are you planning to pick this up?

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