Best PUBG Mobile Lite settings for smooth gameplay on low-end Android devices

PUBG Mobile Lite is one of the global market leaders in the esports genre that majorly focuses on low-end device users.

The title has minimal device requirements, making it available to most Android users. However, many players attempt to run the game at maximum settings, resulting in constant frame drops and poor gameplay performance.

This article discusses the best PUBG Mobile Lite graphics settings for players to ensure a seamless gameplay experience on low-end Android smartphones.

Minimum device requirements for PUBG Mobile Lite

  • Download Size – 610 MB
  • Operating System – Android 4.1
  • RAM – 1 GB (Recommended – 2 GB)
  • Processor – Qualcomm Processor

PUBG Mobile Lite settings for better gameplay

To get the best experience on low-end devices, players should set their “Graphics” settings as low as possible. Reducing the graphics will lessen the burden on the system and will improve the gameplay experience.

Here are the recommended settings for PUBG Mobile Lite on low-end Android devices:

Best Graphics settings for PUBG Mobile Lite on low-end Android devices Tap on the "Settings" icon

Keeping the graphic settings as low as possible improves frame rate quality. When the graphics are set to a minimum, the device load is decreased. And instead of producing high-quality images, the device can emphasize enhancing the frame rate quality.

Advantage in close-range fighting

Smooth gameplay also enhances close-range fighting since most players experience lag issues when engaging in close combat.

They can accurately aim at their enemies with reduced latency and fewer frame drops, resulting in faster kills.

Tip: To free up memory, players can regularly use a game booster or clean the device’s cache. It will improve the overall gaming experience.

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Edited by Shaheen Banu

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