Best BGMI gyroscope sensitivity settings for bolt-action sniper rifles


    Battlegrounds Mobile India (Early Access), popularly known as BGMI, can now be enjoyed by Android users around India. Unfortunately, iOS gamers have to wait for the release of the final version of the game in order to enjoy it.

    BGMI has a good collection of weapons that players can pick from. In order to get the best performance from bolt-action snipers in BGMI, players can tweak their sensitivity settings.

    Note: Some players are facing an issue with gyrocope sensitivity in BGMI. Players are hopeful that the developers will take due care of the situation.

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    Best gyroscope sensitivity settings for bolt-action sniper rifles in BGMI

    Players can enable the gyroscope settings in BGMI for better performance from sniper rifles. With the help of an active gyroscope, players will not need to move their in-game character manually.

    Best gyroscope settings for improving the performance of bolt-action rifles in BGMIHow to generate cool names for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in June 2021

    Players must note that simply changing their gyroscope settings will not be enough to get the most out of their gameplay and weapon performance. They must practice in the training grounds of BGMI and get used to the above sensitivity settings.

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