Beloved Indie Game, Doomsday Vault, Launching on PC and Nintendo Switch


    Naomi Diaz July 8th, 2021 – 6:10 PM

    Beloved Indie Game, Doomsday Vault, Launching on PC and Nintendo Switch

    The adventure puzzle game, Doomsday Vault, which has previously been exclusive to Apple Arcade, will finally make its way to Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on August 5. Players will navigate a flooded city, break into an underground lair, and explore ancient pyramids in search of precious seeds to put inside ‘The Vault.’ Equipped with a robotic suit playing as the main character, a little DV Robot, gamers will explore 3D environments and complete challenging puzzles that have varying sets of difficulties for all kinds of players. For those who have a competitive edge, this game has a challenge mode where you can compete in races and mazes, challenging yourself to rank top of the leaderboard against other Doomsday Vault competitors.

    John O’Reilly, creator director at the indie game studio Flightless, stated in the Doomsday Vault Reveal Video” that the studio’s inspiration came from “articles” the team has read regarding the ‘Svalbard Global Seed Vault.’ The vault is located above the Arctic Circle, between Norway and the North Pole, it serves as a safety deposit box for worldwide agriculture biodiversity. The team thought it would be interesting to create a game based on the idea of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault failing. Therefore, the gameplay for collecting the world’s precious seeds came about through Doomsday Vault, the storyline is as follows:

    You’re on a solo mission in a post-climate collapsed Earth, your mission is to collect the remaining plant life left on the desolate planet and return it to The Vault. In this vault, your DV Robot will be in charge of storing seeds and trying to generate a sustainable crop from each seed. Equipped with a robotic suit that contains varying tools and abilities to help you explore environments with challenging climates, you will be able to recover crucial plant species needed to restore life back on Earth.


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