an impossible to reach chest has just been opened

With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, gamers have something to pass the time. The world of the last part of the Zelda saga is indeed very large. Compared to previous titles, it will take longer for players to explore.

Throughout their journey, they will of course be led to discover several secrets. Some of them will be useful for their progress. Recently there is one element of the game that has been talked about a lot. This is a chest that most players failed to reach.

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However, one of them didn’t get discouraged and tried to find a way to get it. This gamer is none other than YouTuber Kleric. By dint of perseverance, he was able to get his hands on this famous chest. And its content may surprise you.

A chest hidden in the depths

All players who have ventured to Aris Beach have noticed the presence of this chest. He is in the water and only appears when the gamer is positioned 60 meters away from him. While the player barely has time to think about how they might take it, the chest begins to disappear underwater.

This is done in just 7 seconds. You will understand, in such a short period, it is impossible to do anything. But Kleric challenged himself to succeed where everyone else had failed.

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Unexpected loot

Admittedly, the YouTuber managed to recover the chest, but it was not won. Indeed, it took a lot of know-how to get our hands on this booty. And Kleric posted a video where he explains how he did it.

For starters, he boosted his character’s performance by eating good food. Subsequently, he used his Sheikah detector to find the chests hidden in the game. Instead of diving into the water, he used the Ollie Clip glitch to gain access to the basement. He also used bombs and arrows to move the chest.

It was only after all these manipulations that Kleric was able to obtain the safe. While he believed it contained priceless loot, he quickly became disillusioned. The safe in question contained only pieces of amber.

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