All new FIFA 22 skills move from scoop turn fake to four touch turn

EA Sports premiered a new gameplay trailer on Thursday, July 29th, showing some of the new skill moves available in FIFA 22.

EA was previously the next generation version FIFA 22Is only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, and has a whole new gameplay feature called Hypermotion Technology.

According to EA, Hypermotion combines advanced 11v11 match capture with proprietary machine learning technology. It provides the next-generation console and Stadia in FIFA 22 with the most realistic, fluid and responsive football experience.

Following the release of the FIFA 22 Gameplay Trailer, EA has released a detailed pitch note article explaining some changes and revealing some new skill movements.

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In this pitch note article, EA confirmed that FIFA 22 has four new skill moves.

Here’s what the four new skills in FIFA 22 are doing:

  • Four Touch Turn-Hold L2 / LT + Flick RS Back + Flick RS Back

  • Skilled Bridge-Holds L2 / LT + Double Tap R1 / RB

  • First Spin-Press and hold L1 / LB + R1 / RB when the ball first hits the player

  • Scoop Turn Fake-Holds the LS in the opposite direction after making a forward scoop turn

In addition to revealing the addition of new skill movements in FIFA 22, the EA has also released information on making skill movements more balanced in-game. feedback.

The following changes have been made to FIFA 22 by the EA to make the use of skill moves more balanced.

  • Removed skill transfer cancellations for La Croquetta, Elastico, Reverse Elastico, and Scoop Turn

  • Reduced animation speed of bridges and directional nutmeg

  • You can now cancel dragback spins, four touch turns, and stepovers (LT + RT)

  • Dragging and drag skill movements can now be triggered by holding RS backwards

  • Skill transfer from heel to heel is more difficult to perform successfully

  • New animation of 90 degree rotation of directional nutmeg

The Pitch Note article released by EA also mentions information about changing the use of skill movement for the first time.

Skill moves can now be performed in the first situation where the ball is approaching the player, but previously this was only possible with fake shots.

However, it is now possible to move skills with the right stick. To balance, the first skill move has the following changes:

  • Certain movements such as Stepovers, Body Feints, and Bridge / Directional Nutmeg cannot be performed for the first time.

  • Skill movements in first-time situations are more difficult to control than during dribbling, especially if the incoming ball is fast.

  • The first skill transfer will not work from a driven pass.

These new additions and updates to skill movements allow players to be much more creative with opportunity creation and goal scoring capabilities.

Learn more about what’s new in FIFA 22 Be sure to check out Miller’s interview with FIFA 22’s lead gameplay producer, Sam Rivera.

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