Age of Empires 4 “Hands on History” Video Details the Trebuchet


    age of empires 4

    Age of Empires 4, the long-awaited historical strategy title from Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge, will bring a number of civilizations and new war machines to play with. However, it will also look to teach players about the history behind its various weapons. This will be done through in-game “Hands on History” videos which will be showcased in-game.

    The first video was revealed during the Xbox Gamescom Showcase and focuses on the Trebuchet. Utilizing a counter-weight, sling and treadmill, it unleashed projectiles at unbelievable speeds to cause massive damage to castle walls. Award-winning production company Lion TV has worked on these videos and met with experts worldwide to learn more about different weapons and equipment.

    Age of Empires 4 is out on October 28th for PC with a day one launch for Xbox Game Pass. However, fans are advised to stay tuned tomorrow for Age of Empires-related news at Gamescom Opening Night Live.

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