Xbox’s Former VP Mike Ybarra announces he wants a PlayStation 5 and the internet loses it


Why can’t we all just get along?

A few days ago, while I was dying due to some unknown illness (I’m better now, thanks) Xbox’s former VP, Mike Ybarra, made the front of every gaming website and community due to recent his twitter reply. In which he was asked what next-generation console would he be picking up; the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. It goes without saying that since he was originally at Xbox, it was obvious that he’d choose the latter. Except he didn’t and stated he’d go with the PlayStation 5, instead.

Judging from all the following comments, various bitch fests on Twitter and other websites, people seem to be a bit hurt by this. I mean, this guy was from Xbox…. right? How dare he take the PlayStation over Xbox. Raise the pitchforks, light the torches and all that. Let’s all forget that he said he wishes all the games would be on PC. But you know, logic never prevails on the internet. Or at least it doesn’t when it comes to the everlasting console wars. Seriously, why are we still having these?


I’m sure every gaming website and YouTuber who likes to twist the narrative will change this to “Mike Ybarra hates Xbox” or “Mike isn’t a fan of Xbox”. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this reply, he stated he was getting a PlayStation 5 because all of the Xbox exclusives will be coming to PC. Which they will be as this is the foundation that Microsoft and Xbox have been laying for the past few years. This way, regardless if you play their games on an Xbox console or PC, you’re still playing their games. They’re still making money off of you.

Picking up a PlayStation 5 at the state makes more sense, as Sony’s exclusives aren’t available anywhere else. We’re not talking about PS Now, which is a service that’s circling the brim. Sure, you can play some PS4 games and a bunch of other classics on the PC. But it’s a bandage at best, at least for now. What happens to the service in the future is anyone’s guess. But for PlayStation’s vast catalog of exclusives, unless you have a PlayStation 4 and soon to be PlayStation, you can’t play them. Bloodborne, Spiderman, The Last of Us, you get the idea.

At no point did Mike say he hates Xbox, or that they don’t have anything he wants. He merely pointed out the obvious, he can play all those on his PC. Though, some jaded minds out there who like causing drama will take this and run it to fit their narrative. Which doesn’t make sense, as this is the very same thing that many of us here have been stating for a while now.

Take me for example. I have a capable gaming PC, the only reason I’m picking up the Xbox Series X is for reviewing the console. That’s it. It’s no different than my Xbox One X, which I barely touch as I can play the exclusives (well most of them) on my very capable PC.  This is where Mike Ybarra is coming from as well. Is this wrong? Nope, not at all. Microsoft wants you to play their games where ever you feel like it. Whether it be their Xbox consoles, on your PC or even via Project xCloud. As long as you play their games, that’s all they want in the end.


If you have this bitching PC that eats everything alive, then that’s great. If PC gaming isn’t for you, well Xbox still has something for you. Play what you want, where you want. What’s so wrong with that?

Also, since I’m being 100% transparent, I also want a PS5 as well.