Xbox X price BOOST: Great news for fans ahead of Series X release date


Microsoft are yet to officially announce an Xbox Series X price tag, but ahead of a reveal fans have been dealt some good news.

It looks like there will be one enticing thing about the Xbox X price when the next Microsoft console launches.

It is rumoured that for the next-gen Phil Spencer’s team are prepping two consoles – with one that will come in at a cheaper price point.

This rumoured cheaper Xbox X model, which hasn’t been unveiled yet, is believed to solely focus on digital gaming.

So, unlike the Xbox Series X, the cheaper next-gen Xbox won’t have a disc drive – just like the Xbox One S All Digital Edition.

This should make the entry level cost of jumping into next-gen gaming more affordable for Xbox fans.

The news was revealed by Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier who in a post online said there are two new Xbox consoles in development.