Xbox unleashes its all-new Series X and ..


Xbox has revealed its brand new next-generation gaming device and has named it as Xbox Series X. it was previously known as Project Scarlett. This all-new Xbox resembles a PC tower and is all set to hit the market by next year. Series X is as wide as an Xbox One controller and it is three times taller. This device will be supporting discs.

On the technical side, Microsoft stated that the Xbox Series X can handle 4K visuals with wide 60 frames per second motion picture and 120FPS visualization. The console also includes a hardware-accelerated ray tracing rate. It also contains a custom processor, an Xbox Series X GPU, and a next-generation solid storage facility which will “virtually eliminate load times.”

The compatibility of the device is much higher when compared to the other versions of the Xbox series. It will support thousands of games across four generations. It also has support-cross generation access that will help to download older game versions with much-improved picture quality and with a better version of game controls.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer states that“Series X design allows Microsoft to pack in four times the processing power of Xbox One X “in the quietest and efficient way. It’s said to be no louder than an Xbox One X, helped by a single fan that pushes air through the top. You won’t need to stand the console vertically, as it supports horizontal orientation.”