Xbox Series X: Microsoft introduces its new generation of consoles


In keeping with the Christmas business 2020, it should be so far: then Microsoft wants to bring its new console Xbox Series X on the market, as the group announced at the Game Awards in Los Angeles. Passionate gamblers should hardly be surprised, after all, the competition from Sony has also announced the Playstation 5 for this period. Clearly unexpected is probably the design of the new game box, which in contrast to current models does not even try to be compact – the Xbox Series X resembles rather a small desktop PC.

However, according to the company, this “industrial design” has a specific purpose: it should enable four times the computing power compared to the predecessor model, but at the same time be quiet and efficient. Anyone who does not get the electronics block upright on the TV shelf can then lay down the device, according to Microsoft. The corresponding controller, however, looks quite similar to the current one – only the screenshot button, which other manufacturers have already implemented, seems really new.

Xbox Series X: “The fastest, most powerful” console

What Microsoft already claims for the Xbox One X, then again for the confusingly similarly named Xbox Series X apply. The console should be as fast and powerful as no other. With 4K resolution and a frame rate of 60 FPS, as well as 8K capability and up to 80 frames per second, the company promises that games will run smoothly and crisp across the screens. A new SSD hard drive should shorten the load times or even “eliminate” them. For this purpose, the US group continues to allow the gamers to gamble games from the previous console generations on the new model.

Of course, such a new console will need matching game food, which Microsoft also antassed: “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2” of the developer Ninja Theory opens the new Xbox then next year. However, Microsoft still owes the Xbox Series X price to Microsoft.

Source: Xbox