Xbox chief says company won’t exploit success amid pandemic


Xbox boss Phil Spencer says Microsoft don’t want to exploit the coronavirus pandemic.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X

The tech giant’s gaming chief has opened up after the console has seen a rise in Xbox Live users and Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and explained how the company wants to avoid using the situation for its own gain.

Speaking to Business Insider, he said: “We want to be very thoughtful and not exploiting the situation,” Spencer said. “We’re not putting in place any different business tactics or other things.

“We’re just trying to keep all the services up, trying to keep the games enjoyable, keeping our networks safe and secure.

“And being there at a time of need. I’m proud that we can provide this activity for people.”

Spencer also admitted Microsoft bosses have also held internal discussions about the ongoing health crisis, and how their business has improved in the tough climate.

He added: “You wouldn’t wish this is the way we get here. We’ve talked [internally at Microsoft] about this.

“It’s about, ‘How do you feel that gaming is doing well at a time where the world is hurting?’ “

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