With a bit of luck and around US$1 million you could own a Nintendo PlayStation

The "Nintendo PlayStation" is in working order. (Image source: Heritage Auctions)
The “Nintendo PlayStation” is in working order. (Image source: Heritage Auctions)

The only known “Nintendo PlayStation” console is being offered up for auction, and it is possible the intriguing device could end up fetching in the region of US$1 million or even more. The prototype was built during a joint venture between Nintendo and Sony in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, the partnership ended when Nintendo made a deal with Philips.

by Daniel R Deakin, 2019/12/18

Could the Nintendo PlayStation and any subsequent generations have been the greatest consoles ever? It’s difficult to say, and the healthy competition between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft has been a boon for gamers over the years. But there was a time when Sony and Nintendo worked together on the Super NES CD-ROM system, which was going to provide the SNES and the Nintendo PlayStation with a platform for utilizing both cartridges and Sony’s Super Disc CD-ROMs.

However, Nintendo formed an alliance with Philips that led to the Nintendo PlayStation project being mothballed, and all the prototype consoles that had been made were believed to be destroyed – that is until one turned up in the possession of Terry Diebold. Diebold wants to auction the console off to help cover his own costs of showcasing the unique device, and according to an interview with Kotaku he has already turned down an offer of US$1.2 million for the Nintendo PlayStation.

The Sony/Nintendo prototype console is being auctioned off with Heritage Auctions, and there is still plenty of time to register interest as the Nintendo PlayStation (or “Play Station”) is scheduled to go under the hammer between February 27 and February 29 with bidding starting on February 7, 2020. The console works and can be used for gaming enjoyment, as can be seen in this YouTube clip from Engadget where the interviewer and owner indulge in a round of Super Bomberman 5.

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Console, controller, and cartridge. (Image source: Heritage Auctions)
Console, controller, and cartridge. (Image source: Heritage Auctions)