Where to Get New Animal Crossing: New Horizons DIY Recipes


Having the whole island by yourself is not the only fun thing to do on Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can also create your own set of clothes, appliances, and even furniture. And if you are already bored in all the do-it-yourself recipes found in Nook’s Cranny, here are the other places you can visit to find you more interesting DIY recipes for your island! 

Where to get new Animal Crossing: New Horizons DIY recipes 

Game Tips: EVERY DIY Recipes You Need on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Game Tips: EVERY DIY Recipes You Need on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

DIY recipes are new things that Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers exclusively to their players. If you happen to be at a deserted island, your imagination should be your most powerful asset. 

These do-it-yourself recipes are essential in the game, especially for your character. All players know where to get a few of the common DIY recipes, and that’s where one of the predictable sources like Tom Nook arises. However, since every player of New Horizons chooses Tom Nook for their recipes, players only have few unique furniture on each island– which makes your place not special compared to others.

Don’t worry, though. Here are some of the best sources of DIY recipes that you can check out on the game– to remove you from coming back to Tom Nook. 

Here’s where you can get other DIY recipes on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Game Tips: EVERY DIY Recipes You Need on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Game Tips: EVERY DIY Recipes You Need on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

According to an article by Screenrant, Tom Nook is not the only place to get your DIY recipes for your next furniture at home. 

Nook’s Cranny

If you have some money to spare and looking for a few best DIY recipes, players can visit the Nook’s Cranny to look for DIY recipe books. The recipe books are titled DIY for Beginners, Test Your DIY Skills, and Wildest Dreams DIY. 


Players can also purchase DIY recipes from the NookStop located in the Resident Services Building/Tent using some of your Nook Miles. 

Message Bottles

If you rarely check the beaches of every island players you visit, make sure to do it now. Message Bottles are floating bottles that contain a message from a villager that usually has new DIY recipes for you. As said, you need to check the beaches for these message bottles, if you want to look for new recipes. Just like Mystery Island beaches, by the way. 

Balloon Presents

Players also find most of their DIY recipes on balloons floating through their islands. Shooting down these balloons with your slingshot device allows you to keep the presents inside the floating balloons. Aside from DIY recipes, it may also contain Bells, crafting supplies, clothing, or furniture. 

Talk to Resident and Visitors

Being friendly on Animal Crossing is always a good skill to have to expand your area. If you have time to spare, DIY recipes can also be acquired if you talk to residents and visitors in your island. Don’t worry, most of them normally share their DIY recipes, so don’t be shy to ask. 

Go and try out these other places and build your awesome island sanctuary now!

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