Warframe’s Long-Awaited Emyrean Update is Now Live on PC


The long-awaited and heavily built-up Empyrean expansion to Warframe saw a surprise launch on PC at The Game Awards 2019, alongside the release of the previous Rising Tides expansion for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Empyrean brings whole new layers of gameplay to the Warframe experience, centred around the Railjack: a grand and massively customisable spaceship that will become the hub for the space adventures of player teams and require a coordinated effort to function at full capacity. The Railjack features a suite of never-before seen weaponry, including high-powered turrets, cloaking fields, void holes and an Archwing Cannon that allows for hijacking of enemy ships. The expansion’s focus on co-op play is evident here, as players will need to work together to repair the ship’s damage, replenish resources and (literally) put out fires mid-battle.

For solo players, the new content found in the expansion won’t be easy: much of it is designed to be played with a coordinated team, although more solo-focused content will be coming in 2020.

The Railjack isn’t solely used for combat, Empyrean brings an entire space flight mechanic to Warframe. Players who want to get a feel for their space vessel can enjoy stress-free space flight and jump into battle with their squad once they have a feel for their ship.

Players who constantly chase upgrades won’t be disappointed: with the new “Intrinsics” system, players can earn Intrinsics points by playing missions and  spend them on RPG-style ranked skills. “Avionics” form the ability upgrades for the Railjack, separated into three distinct types based on their type: battle, integrated and tactical. As mentioned earlier, the ship can also be customised with an array of engines, weapons, shields and other parts that affect its performance and let players adjust their unique Railjack to suit their squad’s needs. Of course, it can also be customised from a suite of aesthetic options including name, colour and skin.

All of this and more is available in Warframe on PC right now. The expansion will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the future.