To The Moon on Switch Receives Emotional New Trailer


The launch trailer effortlessly recreates Kan Gao’s original trailer.

To The Moon

Freebird Games is working on the next installment in its To The Moon franchise with Impostor Factory. However, before that, Nintendo Switch players will be able to experience the first game courtesy of X.D. Network. Check out the launch trailer below, which is a great remake of creator Kan R. Gao’s original trailer.

To The Moon tells the story of Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts who are in charge of a new procedure. This procedure allows people to relive their lives, in their minds, and fulfill any last wishes. It’s only administered to dying patients though. So when the two venture into Johnny’s mind, they discover his desire to go to the moon and the journey that led him to that point.

Despite its pixel graphics and lack of any combat, To The Moon has received tons of critical praise for its emotional story-telling, soundtrack and excellent characters. It’s out PC, iOS and Android currently with the Switch version hitting the eShop on January 16th. Stay tuned for more details on when Impostor Factory will release in the coming months.

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