the Xbox Series X will be released on time … but maybe not its games


As the world lives at the slow pace of containment and the pandemic, some highly anticipated products do not seem to be affected by this stasis. This should be the case for the next Microsoft console.

In an interview with CNBC, Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox division, confirmed that the launch of the Xbox Series X will not be affected by the coronavirus crisis.

“Generally speaking, I think we are where we thought we would be”, did he declare.

The future power monster can therefore find a place in your living room at the end of the year.

On the other hand, the executive vice-president of the gaming division of Microsoft indicated that the games (produced by his teams) could be delayed.

“The biggest unknown probably stems from the production of games”, he explained, before detailing his point of view “game production is now a very large-scale entertainment activity, hundreds of people come together, build elements, create. “

If he seems confident that the schedules should be kept, he told the CNBC reporter that the priority was the safety and health of his teams. Phil Spencer also said that Microsoft had no plans to push games that were not ready. The boss of the Xbox division, however, did not specify whether these precautions and possible delays concerned Halo Infinite, the new episode of the series, which should accompany the release of the Xbox Series X. This title is not yet delayed.

The games division of Microsoft seems for the moment rather to benefit from the health crisis. Xbox Live Now now has 90 million monthly users and 10 million people have subscribed to its Xbox Game Pass offer, according to the latest figures released by Microsoft in its latest financial results.

Source: CNBC