The Xbox Series X PlayStation 5 killing feature could be PC support via Steam and the Epic Games Store


There are rumours floating around a number of European gaming sites (1, 2) that Microsoft may be planning to announce a new ‘Windows Mode’ on their next generation Xbox consoles – and that would bring with it support for Steam and Epic Store apps and by extension PC games.

This would in effect make the next generation Xbox not only a console but a fixed-specification PC that would open up a world of indie and PC games (some of which are console exclusive on the PlayStation 4/5) that previously wasn’t available on the Xbox platform. It would also make developers jobs a hell of a lot easier as they wouldn’t need to code Xbox-specific versions of their games and could cover off two platforms with one release.

It’s kind of an obvious win given Microsoft’s computing dominance and we’re surprised it hasn’t happened before. While this rumour is very much one that could well be wildly off the mark, if it DID come to fruition it could be extremely hard for Sony to respond with similar support on the PlayStation 5 and would make the upcoming console war a hell of a lot less predictable.

It could be that Xbox Series X owners will be able to play games such as Detroit: Become Human and the Final Fantasy VII remake after all and with rumours of other PlayStation exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn moving over to PC the future could, if rumours become reality, be very exciting for those who pick up one of the upcoming Xbox Series X consoles.

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