The next-gen Xbox console will simply be called “Xbox”


A few days ago at the Game Awards 2019, Microsoft officially revealed Xbox Series X, the next-gen Xbox console first announced as “Project Scarlett”. During the reveal, it seemed that “Xbox Series X” was the official name of the new console; well it still is, but not exactly.

In a recent report by Business Insider, Microsoft stated that the upcoming console will simply be called “Xbox.”

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Basically, this move to just call it the Xbox is to simplify the naming for future iterations of the console. For example, the Xbox One family saw three models — the OG Xbox One, the One X, and the One S; kinda confusing if you think about it. With the upcoming “Xbox” though, future model refreshes will likely just be called “Series _”.

The naming for the next-gen Xbox also implies that there will be another model alongside the Series X. This might turn out to be the rumored disc-less version of the console.

Slightly confusing naming aside, the next-gen Xbox releases in Holiday 2020.

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