The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts the best console experience?

ho ho no

2019 has been an amazing year for MMOs on console, with Black Desert paving the way to become only the second MMORPG in the “big five” to arrive on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Heck, just a month ago we learned Final Fantasy XIV might soon be joining BDO and Elder Scrolls Online in that category. And that’s without counting all the other titles that have set up shop for sofa gamers, like Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online, TERA, and Neverwinter. It’s actually a little overwhelming trying to keep track of all of their many updates for each platform!

My only current-gen console is a Switch, so I don’t feel qualified in saying which MMORPG has the best console experience, but I know a lot of people in our audience are all about that couch-gaming life. Which MMO boasts the best console experience as of the end of 2019?

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