The Best Xbox Series X Memes


We’ve known about various impressive specs for Sony’s and Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen video game consoles for months now. But recently at the Game Awards we got the first real look at the Xbox Series X, the name and actual physical box competing against the PlayStation 5 in holiday 2020.

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And what a box it is! At this point game consoles are just high-end gaming PCs anyway, but the Xbox Series X blurs the line so much folks thought the Microsoft really was just making a straight-up desktop tower. That’s not the case. The Xbox Series X is still a console. And if this boy is too tall for your entertainment set-up you can use it vertically. However, the internet being what it is, this unapologetic box of a piece of hardware became the subject of many jokes.

Here are just some of our favorite memes about the Xbox Series X on Twitter dot com.

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