Stellaris: Console Edition – Expansion Pass 2 Announced, Out on May 12th


Three more DLC packs will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One players.

Stellaris Console Edition

Paradox Interactive has announced Expansion Pass 2 for Stellaris: Console Edition, bringing three more DLC packs to PS4 and Xbox One owners. These are the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack, Humanoids Species Pack and the Apocalypse Expansion. Check out the trailer below.

Synthetic Dawn introduces the Machine Empire and allows players to have a civilization composed entirely of robots (which is great for production). Humanoids brings in new portraits and ships while Apocalypse lets you build some powerful super-weapons to use against the opposition. Expansion Pass 2 hasn’t been priced yet but it will become available on May 12th.

The Synthetic Dawn Story Pack will release on the same day – release dates for the other DLC have yet to be confirmed but Apocalypse will be next. Of course, those playing on PC can access all of the above DLC and much more. The latest expansion for PC is Federations which introduces Senates and many more diplomacy options.

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