Stadia Launches Achievement System For PC And TV Play


Select platforms can now earn achievements.


Everyone loves those achievements in gaming nowadays. There’s just something about those digital points that makes you more engaged than you ever should be for whatever reason. While there’s still a lot of hold outs on the whole achievement thing (Nintendo, Epic Games Store, etc.) it’s become something of a standard. Stadia launched earlier in the year and lacked the feature, but today they launch it on some platforms.

As announced by Google via their blog, achievements are now live. For now it only is available to those playing via PC with Chrome and on the television through the Chromecast, of which Stadia can now be played on all Chromecasts instead of just the one it shipped with. You can check out your profile to see the last three achievements you earned, and then look at a full profile containing all the achievements for any of those games.

As of now, achievements are only available to PC and TV via Chromecast. Those playing on mobile will, unfortunately, have to wait until 2020 for your cheevo fix.