SNK Gals’ Fighters Available Now on Nintendo Switch


SNK Gal Fighters

Retro NEOGEO Pocket Color fighting game SNK Gals’ Fighters is now available on Nintendo Switch, SNK Corporation has announced.

As mentioned in our prior coverage, SNK Gals’ Fighters originally released in 2000 for NEOGEO’s proprietary handheld the NEOGEO Pocket Color. Characters complete in the “Queen of Fighters” tournament run by the mysterious Miss X.

Anyone who can defeat Miss X in the tournament is said to be given the K Talisman, a magical object that can grant any wish. Like other handheld NEOGEO fighting games, the spritework in SNK Gals’ Fighters is heavily stylized with small characters and big heads.

Now, a press release from SNK Corporation states the game is now available on Nintendo Switch. The features 11 characters, three hidden ones, a training mode, and can be played in tabletop or handheld mode against another player.

You can find the opening movie and several gameplay trailers below.

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You can find the rundown (via Nintendo) below.

For the first time since its release in 2000,the smash hit NEOGEO pocket fighter SNK GALS’ FIGHTERS is now playable on the Nintendo Switch!

SNK’s wonderous heroines duke it out for a shot to be crowned the QUEEN OF FIGHTERS! This lighthearted story with comical interactions will keep you
coming back for more!

  • The roster boasts a total of 11 fighters, including three hidden characters!
    One of them looks awfully familiar…
  • Includes Training Mode, which is essential if you wish to reach the top!
  • Take on a buddy in Tabletop or Handheld Mode! Find out who has what it takes to become the QUEEN OF FIGHTERS!

SNK Gals’ Fighters is available on the Nintendo Switch.

Image: Twitter