She’s Got Your Number



Forgot your favorite girl’s number? Melissa Etheridge launches new mobile game to help you remember.

On October 6th Grammy and Academy Award winning recording artist Melissa Etheridge announced the release of her new original mobile game, which was inspired by her latest single “Take My Number.” The game, Melissa Etheridge’s “Take My Number” Phonebook Challenge, which is available for iOS and Android users, was created in collaboration with mobile game startup HyperJamz, Inc.

“I’m excited to share and release the ‘Take My Number’ Phonebook Challenge because it’s a fun and interactive way to connect with my amazing fans and provide them with a different and new way to experience my music,” explains Etheridge. “A big thank you to the team at HyperJamz for creating such a personalized (and addictive) game!”   

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The game was designed for music fans and game lovers alike, in which each player learns the numbers in their own phone contacts, through its unique phonebook “gamification.” This dual-gameplay was created to mimic the clutter and fast pace of today’s society that ultimately keeps us from remembering and connecting with the people we love the most—something Etheridge sings about in her single “Take My Number.” The experience would not be complete without a video introduction from Etheridge, as well as side effects recorded specifically for the game by the artist, and graphics with art featured in some of her most popular albums.

Melissa Etheridge’s “Take My Number” Phonebook Challenge is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play beginning today October 6th. An ad-free, premium version will be available for $2.99, and players may choose to enhance their gameplay through in-app-purchases like Rockstar Picks, which range in price starting at $0.99.