Rayark Announce A Sequel To Their Successful Rhythm Game Deemo


If you haven’t heard of Deemo it’s an accessible and fun piano based rhythm game that initially released on mobile, Playstation Vita and most recently on Switch. The game was also Reborn on PS4 with VR support. The game received support to work with the Nintendo Labo piano which was a really neat use of the cardboard creation. Rayark, the developer of Deemo, have just announced that a sequel, Deemo II, is on the way. Whilst no platforms or a release date have been announced yet, a little announcement trailer shows that the game has the same eery feelings of the first.

While you’re waiting for more details on Deemo II you can play the original now on Nintendo Switch (+/- Labo piano), Mobile and PSVita. You can also check out our review of the PS4 version.